Photo of Kathleen Schaefer


Kathleen Schaefer’s short stories can be found in PodCastle, Gamut Magazine, and Apex Publication’s anthology Robotic Ambitions. She lives in Seattle where she works as a software engineer. When not writing, she enjoys board games, baking, and spending quality time with her cat.

Short Stories

The hotel is made of a hundred thousand living bones. That is an estimate. The exact number fluctuates as new cartilage fuses together and old skeletons wear to dust.

“The Ossification of The Space Between Us”

Gamut Magazine Issue 2, February 2024

Dalia’s mind fuzzes with a nonverbal comfort in his arms. Having felt his daughter’s thoughts, he can’t imagine his brain, even unconsciously, choosing never to experience that again.


PodCastle Episode 813, November 2023

Today I pull the knife out of my arm and crush the handle until it twists into the contours of my fingers, just so he remembers I can bleed him with the edge of my pinky. Then I spear one of the shrimp sizzling in a layer of olive oil and offer it to him on the tip of the blade, an inch from his face.

“Insatiable Life”

Robotic Ambitions, November 2023