The following stories were published in 2023. For those of you voting for the Hugos, Nebulas, or other science fiction and fantasy awards, I would be honored if you considered them. If you are reading for awards, feel free to request a copy of anything that is not freely available online.


PodCastle logo of a castle with a dragon

Dalia’s mind fuzzes with a nonverbal comfort in his arms. Having felt his daughter’s thoughts, he can’t imagine his brain, even unconsciously, choosing never to experience that again.


PodCastle Episode 813, November 2023

Today I pull the knife out of my arm and crush the handle until it twists into the contours of my fingers, just so he remembers I can bleed him with the edge of my pinky. Then I spear one of the shrimp sizzling in a layer of olive oil and offer it to him on the tip of the blade, an inch from his face.

“Insatiable Life”

Robotic Ambitions, November 2023